Alloy Wheel Repair & Refinishing

Alloy Wheel Refinishing

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Includes Training for All Types of Wheel Repair
Training by an Instructor with 20+ years of industry experience.
Hands-on Training in the Operation of the WheelCrafters Wheel Machine System.
Repairing Face Damage to Both Machine Cut and Cast Painted Alloy Rims.
Learn Everything from the Removal of the Old Finish to the New Final Coatings.
Learn How to Apply an OEM or a New Custom Paint Finish.
Life Time Tech Support
    With our Wheel Repair machine and training you will be able to repair and refinish alloy wheels to look like new. From curb damage and corrosion to custom finishes. With our system you can refinish a set of four alloy wheels in as little as an hour.

Most repair shops charge from $100.00 to $125.00 or more to refinish a single wheel. Refinishing only one set a day during a 5 day work week could bring in over $100,000.00 in sales a year.
Fast, Easy to Use, Operate and Maintain
Great Profit Margin due to low Material Costs.
Rugged Professional System Built in Canada for over 20 years
  Starting up an new business or adding something new to your existing one, we can get you into wheel repair and wheel refinishing. We don't just sell a product to for others to use. We developed the system to use ourselves in a shop we still use today so we are completely up to date with all the current wheels and finishes.
Support and Assistance with Marketing Material
Re-Machines Alloy Wheels
Quick and Easy
to Operate
Repair OEM and Aftermarket Wheels
Financing Available
Training Included