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Alloy Wheel Refinishing

The Wheel Machine
   Alloy wheel refinishing or wheel refurbishment is a relatively new but fast growing business. We have been repairing wheels and manufacturing the equipment for refinishing rims for over 18 years now and the industry has been getting stronger every year. Even though we have been doing it for a while now, many are still in the dark when it comes to refurbishing alloy wheels. Most of our new local customers did not even know it could be done and thought their wheels had to be replaced.
The businesses we sell the refinishing systems to, did not know how easy it was to repair and refinish wheels for themselves. Auto detail shops have quickly converted into Auto Wheel Refinishing centers. Automotive dealers and body shops have added wheel refinishing to their existing businesses. Most are set up by people wanting to get into something new and want to start their own business. Some open a retail shop, some work from home and others have set it all up as a mobile operation in a cube van or trailer.

   A few looking for added income even do it just as a hobby in their spare time or off hours. Working from home in their garage, they only have to refinish 2 sets of wheels a week to generate an extra $50,000 in sales a year. Working only Saturday mornings once a week could not be more productive.
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From this - To this in about an hour for the set of four rims
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Alloy Wheel Repair & Refinishing
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